Warrior Trading Review: A Deep Look [2021]

 Warrior Trading Review: A Deep Look [2021]

If you have been working in the stock market for quite some time now, you must have heard about warrior trading or how warrior trading supports swing trading, right? Well, lets try to thoroughly review warrior day trading and its impacts on the swing trading market so far.

How to excel in the stock market?

This is a question that every beginner level trader has asked one of his/her seniors at least once. Everyone is looking to get the shortcut of becoming a successful trader over night.

Remember, trading isn’t something that you can master by simply waving some magic wand and boom. It takes time, courage, and most importantly skill to reach the level of experienced traders.

Warrior Trading
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Is swing trading beneficial at any level?

Before diving into the details of swing trade, you need to understand what exactly swing trading is.

Unlike day trading, swing trading is more focused towards capturing the short/medium term gains through calculated bets on certain stocks. If you have access to some kind of trading simulator, mastering swing trade and all its details can be quite easy for you.

The secret only the experienced traders know

Being an expert myself, I know exactly what’s the secret to excel in day trading is. This is a secret that only top successful traders know about.

The secret to become a successful trader is not getting access or getting oneself enrolled in as much trading courses as possible. The real secret behind successful day trading campaigns is to get hands on experience.

Get access to some kind of trading simulator, get in the market and start grinding.

Do I need some prior knowledge to excel in the trading market?

Not at all. Even if you haven’t enrolled yourself in any of the popular trading courses before, you can still manage to get a firm day trading position in the market.

But going through some popular trading courses is way better than getting right into a live trading chat room. As long as you are going to have skills, everything will become quite easy for you to further understand.

Plus, sitting day in and day out with day traders like yourself can also widen your influence over the market.

Warrior Trading
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My opinion

As an experienced trader, I have also gone through all hardships as you are going through today. Jumping from one trading simulator to another, getting enrolled in all available trading courses, etc.

But when it comes to discussing about a platform that has truly helped me through my day trading journey, there’s no better option than a warrior starter course, period.

however, things aren’t that great anymore as well within the warrior starter course as they were used to be back in the day.

Warrior Trading Review: Here We Go!

Welcome to the world of Warrior Trading!

Prestige and class, two terms that can best describe the whole warrior starter day trading program.

Even trading giants like Ross Cameron live streams his trading account during the market hours and later on share the warrior trading simulator stats for the respective trade day.

Warrior Trading
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All you need to know as a beginner

Warrior Trading is one of the very few day trading course and training providing platform that focuses on the beginner level traders more than anyone else.

Both the warrior starter and and warrior pro education programs comes with free 2 access day trading chat room and a solid day trading simulation to help you understand various trading styles as a beginner.

The general level of course data is level 2 which is quite solid for such a price tag.

Is enrolment open for new students currently?

According to multiple day trading reviews, the programs currently allowing new day traders to get enrolled are the warrior pro and warrior starter programs only.

Rest of the day trading programs are currently confined to investor level users only. While going through a credible trading review regarding these changes, not a single beginner level trading review shows any kind of satisfaction with this approach.

According to the user, this takes the broader opportunity of learning from them.

Warrior Trading
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Warrior Starter: A brief guide

Time to talk about one of the most popular trading education programs ever to exist. As the name suggests, the warrior starter is specifically designed for users who are just getting started in the field of trading.

The real time trading simulator as well as the course is specifically designed to follow Ross’s way of trading and market analysis.

The program also comes with a free warrior trading terminology dictionary integrated right in the trading simulation.


Some prominent features of the warrior starter package

The whole day trader course is divided into 15 chapters designed specifically by Ross himself. the overall video content length of these chapters is around 630 minutes.

Small cap stocks, trading program walk-through, day trading chat room, live trading chat rooms, order entry, etc. are some prominent points that are covered in these 15 chapters.

With the help of the built-in trading educators, user can easily navigate through the course as well.

Warrior trading
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Subscription plan

The warrior starter trading educator course in particular comes with a subscription based plan. As long as your subscription is paid, you can access all the course content as well as day trader trading chat room.

One time enrolment price for the program is around 997 USD which gives you 30 day free access to trading chat room as well as the trading simulator.

What the experts have to say about warrior starter program?

When it comes to focusing on trading style and helping beginner level traders to master it, there’s hardly any program out there that can beat warrior starter trading style program.

But over the years, the quality as well as availability of the course content has decreased quite drastically.

According to experts, the reason behind this gradual downfall of one of the best trading educator platform is not because the company has omitted some important points or something like that.

Instead, the reason is the warrior trading’s inability to upgrade the the course with latest trading community trends.

Warrior Pro: A brief guide

For everyone out there who wants to work with real money from the very start, the warrior pro program is surely the best possible option out there.

With access to live trading archives and a live cash trading account, you will be experiencing the full power and potential of ‘warrior trading Ross Cameron’.

Warrior Trading
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Some prominent features of the warrior pro program

Unlike any other trading chat room, the warrior pro trading room acts like a communication point between you and other traders.

Not only this, the warrior pro suite contains all the added features of the warrior starter program with additional features like small cap day trading course, large cap day trading course, warrior trading’s swings and options trading course, etc.

You can even access mentoring sessions and recordings of certain events within a single warrior trading’s package.

Does it deal with small cap stocks?

Fortunately, yes. Along with providing a live trading simulator for trading large cap stocks, warrior trading offers specific course on small cap stocks and how to successfully trade them over a specific time period.

According to a personalized trade review, warrior pro also makes sure that there’s a dedicated warrior trading team keeping an eye on trades stocks priced.

Plus, even when dealing with small cap stones, the platform moderators are quite focused towards encouraging exceptional trade plans from your side.

Warrior Trading

Are Warrior Trading programs good for beginners?

The answer to this question depends upon the nature of beginner level trader who’s accessing the course. Once the trading signals are in, the live trading simulator becomes active and it’s all up to you get exceptional trade ideas in order to make live trades.

In short, if you want to learn something, go with warrior trading programs no questions asked.

But you do need to understand that in the real world market, it will be up to you to make the right choices.

Prominent options to opt other than Warrior Trading

As discussed earlier, the era of warrior trading is finally coming to an end after so many years. Surprisingly, the join warrior trading campaign which was once packed with aspiring traders is getting smaller and smaller each year.

According to experts, the only possible reason behind this is the failure of Ross Cameron warrior team to upgrade the course according to latest trading stocks trends and techniques.

Instead of going with warrior trading experts would suggest to get access to Motley Fool, OptionSonar, SimpleFX, Trade Ideas, etc. to master different trading strategies.


So, to make things easier for you to choose, here’s a list of top 3 options trading platforms that you can opt for instead of warrior trading,

1)Motley Fool

Unlike warrior day trading chat rooms and stock market news center, no one thinks that the Motley fool platform require any kind of promotion or introduction.

The program is often referred as the ultimate day trade education program that every trader wants to get enrolled in.



One of the very few trading strategy and market commentary based practice trading program that comes in the form of a browser based plugin.

The paper trading simulators and trading strategies evaluation features are the two most prominent features that makes Finviz so popular and highly effective in the world of day trade.


3)Benzinga Pro

Last but definitely not the least, we have got the trading strategies and trading education giant Benzinga Pro on the list.

It’s quite true that getting access to the trading tools such as customizable stock scanners designed by Benzinga Pro itself do come with a hefty price.

But the trading skills you can get by using Benzinga alone are far more advanced that starter and warrior pro combined.



In order to become a successful trading experts, what’s the one thing that you can’t compromise on?

No, it isn’t about trading tools or getting access to starter and warrior pro programs, its about getting the upgraded and accurate trading education.

The art of dealing with the stock market

If you have ever accessed some chat rooms in your trading career, you can already tell how diverse and super intelligent active day traders of the 21st century are.

Instead of sticking to the premises of chat rooms alone, the successful ones believe in implementing their ideas and strategies in the real world market.

Of course, the risk associated with these active trading strategies is quite greater than sticking to a certain plan, but this is all you are going to need in order to survive and run longer in the stock market than many traders.

Warrior trading
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What makes warrior trading unique?

It’s true that warrior trading course dynamics are getting older and older day by day. Ross Cameron mentored joined warrior trading program, paper trading simulator training, the once popular warrior trading chat room is loosing all its popularity and prestige.

But still, when it comes strengthening the base of a beginner level trader through the warrior trading’s Ross Cameron way of learning, a warrior trading chat room/course is still exceptional.

If not warrior trading then what else?

For the past few years, every credible warrior trading review is talking about almost the same thing. The course is getting outdated.

That’s why, if you ask me personally, i would suggest you to switch to platforms like Benzinga Pro, SimpleFX, OptionSonar, Motley Fool, etc.

I am afraid most of the other traders are right this time, it is finally the end of warrior trading’s real time trading simulation and mentor sessions.

Options order
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Motley Fool : The best stock market knowledge provider

According to complete technical analysis carried out by some of the most reputable global analysis firms, the Motley Fool trading room and mentor sessions are considered the most prestigious ones throughout the day trading community.

Once you have accessed a Motley Fool chat room, you can’t describe the level of intellect and trading geniuses you will find at a unified platform.

According to experts, this is one of the biggest accomplishments of the Motley Fool platform so far.

Things to remember before putting foot in the day trading business

I hope this whole ‘warrior trading review’ has helped in clearing your doubts regarding the whole warrior trading platform and chat room scheme.

Now, before getting right next to some of your most frequently asked questions, here’s an advice for all the beginners who are desperately searching for a chat room or some mentor to set foot in the market.

Try to work on everything yourself. You can surely find many great ideas in a chat room, but as long as you wouldn’t try or work on something yourself, there’s no way you can become a master of it.






Is Warrior Trading Even Worth It?

The answer to this question depends upon the level of the user. Lets say that you are a beginner who wants to step foot in the trading world through a proper channel that can strengthen your base as well.

In such case, I don’t think there’s some other platform that can even come near to the level of warrior trading suite.

But if you already know about the basics of trading, the warrior trading course may seem like a bit old fashioned and obsolete for the latest trading trends.

What’s The Estimate Cost Of Warrior Trading Programs?

We already know what warrior starter program costs. But unlike the warrior starter program, the warrior pro subscription based program is quite expensive.

For a complete 12 month subscription based program, you will need to pay around 5,997 USD. A price tag like this is surely out of range for most of the traders.

On the other hand, the three month subscription based plan will cost you a whooping 4,297 USD, comparatively even surpassing the 12 month subscription based plan.

Warrior trading
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Is Warrior Trading Affiliated With A Third Party Broker?

Yes, warrior trading is indeed affiliated with a third party broker for its active day trading hours. Warrior tradings suggest you to use Lightspeed Trading when it comes to active day trading. With level II trading clearance, Lightspeed trading ensures order executions at a lightning speed.

What Are Some Popular Alternatives Of Warrior Trading?

The market is literally flooded with options that can be opted instead of warrior trading. Surprisingly, most of these options are way more cost efficient than warrior tradings. Some of these popular options are Benzinga Pro, Motley Fool, Trade Ideas, SimpleFX, and some other AI powered platforms.

Warrior trading
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Are Warrior Trading Day Traders Successful?

For the last few years, the stats in this field aren’t that much great. Experts have observing sudden declines in the warrior trading traders for quite some time now. According to verified statistics, 90% of the traders fail to achieve their goal leaving a mere 10% behind who eventually make some profit or get to a break-even point.





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